[petsc-dev] Deprecated MPI functions

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Thu Feb 5 13:05:43 CST 2015

Folks, these warnings are really noisy.  It has been 18 years since
MPI-2 was published.  Who does not have an MPI-2.0 implementation

If we have to pay the cost of maintaining compatibility with MPI-1 when
most users have MPI-3 implementations, I'd like to know who specifically
is holding us up so that I can publicly shame them.

Jed Brown <jed at jedbrown.org> writes:

> Lisandro Dalcin <dalcinl at gmail.com> writes:
>> Why not just use a configure test for MPI_VERSION to #define
> Could just use MPI_VERSION.
>> and then if PETSC_MPI_VERSION<2 #definine the new functions as the old
>> ones? Do you expect a MPI implementation advertising itself as MPI-2
>> but not providing the new functions for attribute access?
> Some implementations provided some or all of the new functions before
> advertising themselves as MPI_VERSION=2.  There are probably others that
> advertise as MPI_VERSION=2 but are incomplete, though they're not
> supposed to do this.
>>> [1] Something is wrong with the process when 17 years after a
>>> standardization that involved the relevant vendors, we still cannot rely
>>> on systems having upgraded.
>> I totally agree. One way of make pressure for the upgrades is to just
>> stop supporting them :-), of making the support more difficult to get.
> Yes, but for the same reason that PETSc works with a 10-year old Python
> and a C compiler that has been abandoned for 15 years (MS), we have
> historically tried to work with very old/obscure MPI implementations.
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