[petsc-dev] PetscSplitReduction

Jose E. Roman jroman at dsic.upv.es
Thu Sep 11 11:36:26 CDT 2014

El 11/09/2014, a las 00:32, Barry Smith escribió:

>  Jose,
>   Start by making PetscSplitReduction  an opaque pointer to the actual struct.
>   For example 
> typedef struct _n_PetscSplitReduction *PetscSplitReduction; 
> goes in the public include  include/petscsys.h
> typedef struct {
> -  MPI_Comm    comm;
> -  MPI_Request request;
> -  PetscBool   async;
> -  PetscScalar *lvalues;     /* this are the reduced values before call to MPI_Allreduce() */
> -  PetscScalar *gvalues;     /* values after call to MPI_Allreduce() */
> -  void        **invecs;     /* for debugging only, vector/memory used with each op */
> -  PetscInt    *reducetype;  /* is particular value to be summed or maxed? */
> -  SRState     state;        /* are we calling xxxBegin() or xxxEnd()? */
> -  PetscInt    maxops;       /* total amount of space we have for requests */
> -  PetscInt    numopsbegin;  /* number of requests that have been queued in */
> -  PetscInt    numopsend;    /* number of requests that have been gotten by user */
> -} _n_PetscSplitReduction;
> goes in the private include  include/petsc-private/petscimpl.h
> Then you need to decide how to access the material inside the struct. 
> 1) Do you want all PETSc users to be able to access stuff in the struct and modify it or 
> 2) Do you want a few places in SLEPc to take advantage of the PetscSplitReduction abilities? 
>  I am guessing you want 2) in that case just have your SLEPc code include the petscimpl.h and access the structure directly. This is what we do in, for example VecDotBegin() etc 

Thanks for the explanation.
Yes, I want 2)
If I am going to include petscimpl.h then there is no need to define a public opaque pointer, just put the necessary definitions in petscimpl.h, right? There will be no public functions after all.

>  If you want 1) then you have a lot of work ahead of you because you need to abstract all the operations you want to do on PetscSplitReduction and provide methods to do those operations and then call those operations from SLEPc. 

I think I would only need the three functions I put in the commit, plus the REDUCE_SUM REDUCE_MAX REDUCE_MIN defines. But anyway, it is easier to put them in petscimpl.h.

>  Basically your “Jed sin” (which is far worse than a cardinal sin) was putting this private data structure directly in the public interface of PETSc, i.e. in petscsys.h

Next time I will avoid committing a Jed sin by not making a commit myself.


>  Barry

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