[petsc-dev] 'master' RESET after bad merge! - 'tisaac/thplex' was based on 'next'

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Tue Sep 2 08:46:04 CDT 2014

Matt, when you merged 'tisaac/thplex', you got thousands of merge
commits to 'next' that should never be in 'master'.  I have reset
'master' to get it out of there (everything else that was in 'master' is
there now).  This means that any recent topic branches will need to be
rebased and any updated 'master' will need to be reset to
'origin/master'.  Fix 'master' first:

  git fetch
  git checkout master
  git reset --hard origin/master

To rebase a topic branch that was started in the last few days (after
'tisaac/thplex' was merged; if you started before that merge, you don't
need to do anything), check it out, look through recent history to find
the commit on 'master' that you started from (NOT part of your work).
Suppose that commit is abcd1234.  Then run

  git checkout your/topic-branch
  git rebase --onto origin/master abcd1234

Your topic branch will be applied to the new 'master'.  If you already
pushed your branch, you'll need to force push it now

  git push origin +your/topic-branch

Matt and Toby: 'tisaac/thplex' needs to be rebased onto 'master' before
we can accept it.  Matt, please remember to look at what you are
merging.  When the commit message says you are merging hundreds of
commits, but you didn't review hundreds of commits, it should be a sign
that something is amiss.
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