[petsc-dev] SEGV using PETSc-GPU ViennaCL

Dominic Meiser dmeiser at txcorp.com
Tue Jul 29 12:09:10 CDT 2014

Can you send example code that reproduces this problem?

On 07/29/2014 10:54 AM, Lucas Ogura wrote:
> I am trying to use PETSc-dev for a while in a project at my 
> university. I need to use the GPU for matrix-vector operations and the 
> code that I'm working was already implemented using PETSc, obviously I 
> choose the PETSc ViennaCL-GPU solution. The original code works 
> perfectly, but when I use the GPU parameters, a SEGV occurs in some 
> test cases.
> Valgrind says that is a problem with PetscMallocAlign at memalign but, 
> some times, it says that the problem is MatGetDiagonal.
> I'm sending the configure.log because I don't know what are the cause 
> of the problem (hope the problem is the configuration), and I would 
> like to know if some similar problem were reported by PETSc-ViennaCL 
> users and PETSc-CUDA users too.
> PS: My computer has a top AMD GPU and I'm not sure that I can find a 
> NVIDIA GPU computer to test my code, so OpenCL solutions are better to 
> me then CUDA.

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