[petsc-dev] git workflow question

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Fri Jul 18 11:18:15 CDT 2014

Dominic Meiser <dmeiser at txcorp.com> writes:
> To make things more specific, the bug fix is for DMDA's with cusp 
> vectors. I think this will be a fair amount of work and it may take a 
> while to complete. It needs work I've done in the 
> dmeiser/fix-cusp-bjacobi branch but is otherwise unrelated. I thought it 
> might be good to do it in a separate branch because of that. I wouldn't 
> want work on this bug fix to hold up things with fix-cusp-bjacobi or to 
> make that branch more difficult to review.

If you also need features in 'master', I would branch from 'master' and
merge 'dmeiser/fix-cusp-bjacobi'.  But doing this is risky because now
your branch depends on the merge having been done right.  If your
feature does not depend on more recent features in 'master', just create
the new branch from 'dmeiser/fix-cusp-bjacobi'.

In branch workflow, as with software development, it's good practice to
minimize dependencies within reason.

Note that 'dmeiser/fix-cusp-bjacobi' has somewhat tangled merge history,
so if you are going to clean it up, you should do that before starting a
new branch.  (I don't really care in this case; keeping clean topic
branches gets easier with practice.)
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