[petsc-dev] External packages question: blacs-dev

Kevin Buckley kevin.buckley.ecs.vuw.ac.nz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 17:41:18 CDT 2014

Hi there,

as an occasional builder of PETSc for researchers whose higher level codes
make use of it, one of the first things I do when looking to build a newer PETSc
is to check out any changes to the external packages, with something akin to:

find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep self.download | cut -d= -f 2-
| grep http | sort > /tmp/petsc-350

as my preferred way to build is to have everything local to the
machine I'm building

Even allowing for the odd change in http server for external packages where
an "ANL proxied download" from below


is not available, it not usually much of a chore to match up any changes and
compare against my previous build recipies.

I recently came to start builiding the 3.5.0 PETSc, so as to see how
it would play
with the latest PISM code, and the one package I can't match up between my
PETSc 3.2p7 and 3.3p3 recipies is


So what's happened to blacs-dev?

Presumably the functionality it provided to the PETSc code is now available in
some other package, but, if so, I have missed the petsc-dev thread where it
got the boot.

Any info welcome,

eScience Consultant
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand


A 3.3-p3 recipe, from a ways back, built against a CentOS system OpenMPI,
was, my notes indicate, as follows

cd /srv/global/work/sources/PISM/
tar xf petsc-3.3-p3.tar.gz
cd petsc-3.3-p3
mkdir /opt/PETSc/petsc-3.3-p3

./configure --prefix=/opt/PETSc/petsc-3.3-p3/PISM \
  --with-debugging=0 \
  --with-blas-lapack-dir=/usr/lib64 \
  --with-mpi-dir=/usr/lib64/openmpi/1.4-gcc \
  --with-clanguage=cxx \
 --download-MUMPS=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/MUMPS_4.10.0-p3.tar.gz  \
 --download-ParMetis=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/parmetis-4.0.2-p3.tar.gz \
 --download-SuperLU=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/superlu_4.3.tar.gz \
 --download-SuperLU-DIST=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/superlu_dist_3.1.tar.gz \
 --download-blacs=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/blacs-dev.tar.gz \
 --download-hdf5=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/hdf5-1.8.8-p1.tar.gz \
 --download-scalapack=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/SCALAPACK-1.7.tar.gz \

make PETSC_DIR=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/petsc-3.3-p3
PETSC_ARCH=arch-linux2-cxx-opt all

 make PETSC_DIR=/srv/global/work/sources/PISM/petsc-3.3-p3
PETSC_ARCH=arch-linux2-cxx-opt install

make PETSC_DIR=/opt/PETSc/petsc-3.3-p3/PISM test

export PETSC_DIR=/opt/PETSc/petsc-3.3-p3/PISM
cd ./src/snes/examples/tutorials/
make ex19

./ex19 -contours -info

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