[petsc-dev] petsc4py, TAO, and complex scalars

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 07:09:41 CDT 2014

Some time ago I merged tao4py in petsc4py following PETSc. Now I
realize that TA0 is not available for --with-scalar-type=complex, all
of the TAO API is not built. Adding support for this case in petsc4py
will be rather involved, so I want to propose an alternative.

I have a rather small patch that enables the compile of interface TAO
APIs.  With this patch, I can build petsc4py, but obviously any
attempt of use a specific TAO solver type fails at runtime because the
solve implementations are not registered. But at least, petsc4py can
be built with complex scalars and all other PETSc components can be
used normally.

What do you think? If you accept this proposal, I'll put all this in a
branch for review. Additionally, I would like to merge this fix into

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