[petsc-dev] Possible bugs when using TS with ViennaCL (continued)

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 28 14:58:24 CST 2014

Hi Mani,

 > Note that the error occurs in the middle of the run, after a certain
> number of time steps. The time step at which it fails is different for
> the two machines for which I tested. And it only happens when I use the
> GPU. The OpenCL backend using a CPU with Intel opencl works fine.

what exactly do you mean by 'works fine' for the Intel OpenCL SDK? Do 
you see an increase in memory, or is the memory consumption constant 
throught the run? You won't necessarily see an allocation failure 
because your machine will most likely have enough main RAM to compensate.

Best regards,

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