[petsc-dev] No single precision support in ViennaCL?

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 21 03:15:59 CST 2014


 >     It looks like ViennaCL in petsc doesn't support single precision
>     (which I need cause my (old) GPU doesn't support double precision).
>     I get the following error:
>     Cannot use viennacl withOUT double precision numbers, it is not
>     coded for this capability
>     Is there any way this can be enabled in the build?
> This may be an oversight. Can you try adding
>    self.double = 0
> to the constructor in config/PETSc/packages/viennacl.py?

Thanks, Matt. Do we want to provide some automatic marshalling to single 
precision if not provided by the device? For 'production use' it doesn't 
really matter, because GPUs today which offer only single precision are 
generally rather low-end and won't provide any substantial benefit over 
CPUs. However, it can be handy for debugging purposes. Any opinions?

Best regards,

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