[petsc-dev] adding Report Typo and Errors link to manual pages

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jan 8 07:34:48 CST 2014

Hi guys,

 >>>> chrome also defaults to the 'default mailer' for your desktop.
>>> ? I just tried it and Chrome uses GMail. I have not configured anything.
>> well it spawns evolution for me.
> http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2012/02/open-mailto-links-using-gmail-in-google.html
> Looks like if you log into gmail from chrome - it will prompt you to
> set gmail as your default 'mailto:' client.
> [you might have said 'yes' at some point]

I live with Satish in a cave and haven't set up the mail client in the 
browser. Winter gives us quite a hard time with the cold out there ;-)

I see the following options:

  a) Keep the mailto: link and assume users will handle it

  b) Let the link forward to another webpage which provides the form. 
This can be any webserver, so we are not restricted by the capabilities 
of the MCS server. The link represents either a call to JavaScript's 
window.open() ('pop-up window'), or a vanilla HTML link opening the form 
in a new tab.

  c) Include some Web 2.0 magic such that a box pops up after clicking 
the link, with the user staying on the page in order to make the 
description of the typo as simple as possible. The disadvantage is that 
a couple of additional HTML lines need to be added to *all* man pages 
even if we place all the JavaScript into a separate (common) file. It 
makes things easier if the MCS server can send emails, but it's not 

b) and c) certainly require some minor spam prevention techniques (e.g. 
Captcha or "Enter 'nospam' here")

Satish, is the MCS webserver capable of sending emails? If not, do you 
know of any good server/webspace we can use to sending such generated 
emails to petsc-maint?

Best regards,

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