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pascal.tremblay at fr.michelin.com pascal.tremblay at fr.michelin.com
Fri Feb 28 03:14:20 CST 2014

Dear PETSc developper,

I am interested in testing / using (contributing to improve) the Intel MKL 
Pardiso interface developped by Jose Bermeo.

I have seen the two pull request in the petsc-dev repository (the pull 
requests #105 and #103 in https://bitbucket.org/petsc/petsc/pull-requests) 
would like to know if it will be included in the next PETSc release and 
approximately when (or at least integrated in the dev version).

I have also followed the discussion concerning the plugin approach to the 
integration of external packages in PETSc and would also be interested in 
that (I could
work on if you guide me through this new plugin approach. It would be very 
convenient to us to be able to compile external plugins without 
the core of PETSc, especially when corrections to these plugins are 

Thank you for your input,


Pascal Tremblay
Mécanique Numérique
Michelin, Centre de technologie de Ladoux -CTE/DTO/SIM/ER
63040 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 09 - FRANCE
Tél. (ext.): 04 73 10 91 63
Tél. (int.): 69 163

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