[petsc-dev] GAMG coarsening in-place

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Tue Dec 30 14:31:35 CST 2014

I have a pretty well-conditioned problem, eigenvalues in (0.2, 1.55)
with bjacobi/ilu.  It converges in 20-25 iterations with GMRES or with
Chebyshev targeting this range (eigenvalues are almost uniformly
distributed).  I'd like to make an attempt to do better using GAMG, but
the mass term is big enough that I don't want a real coarse grid.
Instead, I want to coarsen only once or twice "in-place" and not have
any real coarse grid.  But it looks like GAMG is hardwired to put the
coarsest grid on one process.  How should we add this flexibility?
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