[petsc-dev] [EXTERNAL] [pflotran-dev: 2718] Unintended consequence of CHKERRQ()

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Thu Dec 4 10:38:36 CST 2014

Gautam Bisht <gbisht at lbl.gov> writes:

> Hi Jed,
> Earlier I completely missed your point. I believe the utility of
> SNESSetFunctionDomainError
> is that an application can determine if the state (xx) being passed to
> compute residual function is meaningful (eg. a pair of (P,T) could result
> in negative density). If the state is not meaningful, the application could
> simply call SNESSetFunctionDomainError() and not update the residual
> vector. This would cause SNES to exit with SNES_DIVERGED_FUNCTION_DOMAIN.


> Looking at PFLOTRAN code more carefully, I now realize that Peter is
> using SNESSetFunctionDomainError()
> in FLASH2/MPHASE/MISCIBLE/IMMISCIBLE modes. I will now implement similar
> check for TH mode.

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