[petsc-dev] Parallel calculation on GPU

Projet_TRIOU triou at cea.fr
Wed Aug 20 04:23:30 CDT 2014


I have a cluster with nodes of 2 sockets of 4 cores+1 GPU.

Is there a way to run a calculation with 4*N MPI tasks where
my matrix is first built outside PETSc, then to solve the
linear system using PETSc Mat, Vec, KSP on only N MPI
tasks to adress efficiently the N GPUs ?

I am playing with the communicators without success, but I
am surely confusing things...



*Trio_U support team*
Marthe ROUX (01 69 08 00 02) Saclay
Pierre LEDAC (04 38 78 91 49) Grenoble
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