[petsc-dev] MatNest considered harmful

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Tue Aug 12 12:47:16 CDT 2014

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Patrick Lacasse <patrick.m.lacasse at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm interested in your discussion, I'd like to share my usage with you.
> I'm working with a code that assemble matrices A and B that define a saddle
> point problem
> (A B^T)
> (B   0 )
> I use matnest to give this system to pcfieldsplit and use Schur complement
> things.
> My matrix A and B are build by different parts in our code and it would not
> be that easy to build them together into a global matrix.
> It is not an optimization for matnest, it was coded this way before we know
> about matnest and pcfieldsplit.
> An other choice for me is to copy those submatrices into a global aij
> matrix (is it easy to do?) and then let pcfieldsplit extract the
> submatrices back.
> In my situation, matnest seems the natural path to use pcfieldsplit.
> I do think that matnest are important. I hope it doesn't make me a bad
> person...

Not at all, but I would still recommend using MatGetLocalSubMatrix() and
passing the result to your existing functions.  Then you could trivially
switch between monolithic/direct solvers and fieldsplit.

> I'm using MatNestSetSubMat, MatNestGetSubMat, MatNestGetISs and of course
> MatCreateNest.
> I've not try to use VecNest, but I'd like too.

Please don't.  This is really better done by VecScatter or

> I also have a situation where our code build one global aij matrix and
> after it extracts the submatrices. I'd like to convert this code to build
> directly submatrices and use MatNest.
> It this case, it would be for optimization purpose.

Do consider MatGetLocalSubMatrix to keep your options open.
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