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Falgout, Rob falgout2 at llnl.gov
Wed Nov 20 16:36:27 CST 2013

Hi Barry,

We've already asked Sherri about this, and she says she has permission to use it in DSuperLU.  It's in hypre because we currently bundle DSuperLU in our release.


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> From: Barry Smith [mailto:bsmith at mcs.anl.gov]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 2:23 PM
> To: Falgout, Rob; Xiaoye S. Li
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>    Sherri and Rob,
>     I noticed both of you guys distribute MC64AD with your libraries which
> includes the following copyright/license statement.  Did you receive permission
> to distribute this source code from Iain or Jacko and how general is that
> permission, just for you or for other groups also? That is, is there an alternative
> license that allows this source code to be distributed?
>     Thanks
>     Barry
> CCCCC COPYRIGHT (c) 1999  Council for the Central Laboratory of the
> CCCCC Research Councils.    All rights reserved.
> CCCCC AUTHORS Iain Duff (i.duff at rl.ac.uk) and Jacko Koster (jak at ii.uib.no)
> CCCCC LAST UPDATE 20/09/99 CCCCC C *** Conditions on external use *** C C
> The user shall acknowledge the contribution of this C package in any publication
> of material dependent upon the use of C the package. The user shall use
> reasonable endeavours to notify C the authors of the package of this
> publication.
> C
> C The user can modify this code but, at no time C shall the right or title to all or
> any part of this package pass C to the user. The user shall make available free of
> charge C to the authors for any purpose all information relating to any C
> alteration or addition made to this package for the purposes of C extending the
> capabilities or enhancing the performance of this C package.
> C
> C The user shall not pass this code directly to a third party without the C express
> prior consent of the authors.  Users wanting to licence their C own copy of these
> routines should send email to hsl at aeat.co.uk C C None of the comments from
> the Copyright notice up to and including this C one shall be removed or altered in
> any way.

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