[petsc-dev] make all PETSc Fortran examples modern freeform?

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 7 09:12:50 CST 2013

Blaise A Bourdin <bourdin at lsu.edu> writes:

> Damn it! Considering that fixed form was declared obsolete 10 years
> ago, and if this is the only incompatibility, is it too much to ask
> that fortran people replace a "C" in first col with a "!" (which is
> also compatible with fixed form)?

Continuation lines are incompatible

$ cat foo.f 
      program foo
      x = 1.0
     &  + 2.0
      end program
$ gfortran -ffree-form foo.f 

     &  + 2.0
Error: Invalid character in name at (1)

To write polyglot line continuations, you place the free-form
continuation character in column 72 or higher where it is ignored by
fixed-form (unless -ffixed-line-length-* is used), and also place the
fixed-form continuation character in column 5:

      program foo
      x = 1.0                                                           &
     &  + 2.0
      end program
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