[petsc-dev] PETSc-Cuda with gfortran 4.7

Åsmund Ervik Asmund.Ervik at sintef.no
Tue Mar 12 02:35:23 CDT 2013

Hi all,

(This suggestion is two lines of code, so I hope it will survive the git/hg apocalypse/transition today. If not, I'll resend it tomorrow.)

Trying to compile PETSc with Cuda enabled, following the example in config/examples/arch-cuda-double.py, I get an error with gfortran 4.7.2 when making (configure works fine). 
This error is apparently well-known with Cuda and gcc 4.7.2. To fix it, I added two lines to include/petsc-private/petscimpl.h:
#undef _GLIBCXX_USE_INT128
and everything works fine. I guess you should add this to petsc-dev, possibly with some if-statement around these lines.

Best regards,
Åsmund Ervik

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