[petsc-dev] All petsc-dev users will need to do a reclone of petsc-dev on Tuesday or later

Sean Farley sean at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 11 14:51:48 CDT 2013

Karl Rupp writes:

> Hi Sean,
>  >>> Satish, please remove me from petsc-maint. Also, remove me from the
>>>> developers webpage. I have already purged petsc-dev from my system and
>>>> won't be pushing anything else from now on.
>>> Huh, why this? This is not forced change of religion...
>> Why should I bother? Everyone will listen to Jed anyway. Sorry about the
>> CUDA+cmake patches, by the way, those are gone now.
> it will still be possible to work with Mercurial. The need for a 
> new/better development model was also based on stability issues 
> repeatedly raised by users at SIAM CSE, as you certainly remember.
> The decision followed a technical evaluation of the workflow, not on a
> 'Sean vs. Jed'-type of personal preference. Thus, you really should not 
> take this personal.

Users will not be able to use Mercurial as they do now. That is as much
a fantasy as Jed's gitifyhg. Let me put it simply: no modern VCS can
roundtrip a native merge commit. Not even git. Anything to the contrary
is fooling yourself.

You can get all the above workflow from Mercurial, as I've pointed out
before, but it seems that all the technical discussion was done by a git
contributor that repeatedly show no understanding of Mercurial
internals. So, forgive me if I think your "technical" discussion was

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