[petsc-dev] Add natural-to-global and global-to-natural operations for DM?

Richard Tran Mills rtm at eecs.utk.edu
Thu Mar 7 21:46:36 CST 2013

Continuing on my quest to be able to wrap all of the unstructured grid 
operations in PFLOTRAN inside a DM: Would it be OK to add 
DMGlobalToNaturalBegin()/End() and DMNatualToGlobalBegin()/End()? These 
are currently DMDA routines, not DM ones.  We do something that we call 
natural-to-global and global-to-natural operations with our unstructured 
grid cases in PFLOTRAN (though I'm not sure if "natural" is quite the 
thing to call it... I always think of that in terms of a structured grid 
layout).  I would like to just call DMGlobalToNaturalBegin()/End(), 
etc., on our DM, whether it is a DMDA or a DMShell.

I had already mentioned that I plan to add DM interface routines for 
local-to-local operations.  I am thinking that global-to-natural, etc., 
also ought to be added, though I'm not sure if the concept of "natural" 
ordering necessarily makes sense in some cases.


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