[petsc-dev] Some problems with builds --with-matlab

Jose E. Roman jroman at dsic.upv.es
Wed Mar 6 11:00:46 CST 2013


Today I pushed some fixes for compilation --with-matlab --with-matlab-engine. However, there is still a compilation problem when Fortran in enabled: the automatic Fortran bindings in src/sys/classes/matlabengine need the definition of PetscMatlabEngine. I tried adding /*I "petscmatlab.h" I*/ in matlab.c but that does not work.

The other problem is related to the visibility topic discussed in another thread. In SLEPc we have SlepcInitializeNoPointers() to be called from Matlab. There I set PetscBeganMPI = PETSC_FALSE (as is done in PetscInitializeNoPointers()) because otherwise I get PetscFinalize() errors the second time I run a Matlab script containing SLEPc calls. So the symbol PetscBeganMPI should be exported (unless you can suggest a better solution).


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