[petsc-dev] moab nightlybuild failure

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jun 28 18:39:46 CDT 2013

On Jun 28, 2013, at 6:29 PM, Jed Brown <jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:

> Barry Smith <bsmith at mcs.anl.gov> writes:
>>  Jed,
>>   Fine. So
>> 1) moab.py gitcommit will always point to moab master HEAD or older
>> version of moab master
>> 2) MOAB/PETSc developers who are synchronously changing code in PETSc
>> and MOAB will manually manage appropriate branches in each. They will
>> not touch gitcommit in moab.py!
>> 3) MOAB/PETSc developers who are synchronously changing code in PETSc
>> and MOAB will always merge the moab branch they've developed into moab
>> master before or at the same time they merge the petsc branch into
>> petsc master (updating the moab.py gitcommit at the time of updating
>> the petsc master from the petsc branch).
>>   I think this clarifies things.
> This sounds fine.
>> What got me confused is thinking Jed saw a bigger role for gitcommit
>> then it really has; which is ONLY to synchronize petsc master with
>> moab master.
> I thought you wanted something more advanced, and I was saying that
> although we could go part way, perfect "dancing" was not going to be
> automated and attempting to do so would complicate the workflow.

   It seems to me you really cannot even go "part way" based on what you said.
> Note that automated testing is tricky here because it doesn't know which
> branch to check out.  For this reason, it may be appropriate in cases of
> new/changed APIs to wait for the MOAB branch to be merged to 'master'
> before merging the corresponding PETSc branch to 'next'.

   Ok then 3 becomes

3)   The changes in PETSc are not merged into petsc next (and certainly not petsc master) until the changes have been merged into moab master.

    BTW: it may be that petsc master and petsc next have different gitcommit? I guess this would be ok, the petsc branch would have have the gitcommit in it related to the appropriate moab.py master so when it is merged to next and then master, next and master will get the right new value. But this does mean  we need a manual 3a)

3a) when the moab branch is merged into moab master the petsc branch value of gitcommit in moab.py must be set to the new commit value of moab master.


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