[petsc-dev] confusing download instructions

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jun 28 07:13:20 CDT 2013

Hi Barry,

 >       And how about generating a maint tarball each night? Then users 
can get PETSc 3.4 with all current fixes directly without needing git?
>        Philosphically it seems silly that we are putting fixes into maint on a random regular basis but end users don't benefit until someone manually creates a new petsc-3.4.*.tar.gz every couple of weeks. Why doesn't each new fix to maint lead to an automatic new petsc-3.4.*++ tar ball ready for people to use (or at least each night generate a new one). Now people are installing known buggy code for a bunch of days for no good reason.

This would be fairly close to a rolling release model with three levels 
of 'stability': {maint, master, next} with next only available through git.

I like it :-)

Best regards,

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