[petsc-dev] making tarball of knepley/pylith branch

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Thu Jun 13 19:08:26 CDT 2013

In the past I have used the nightly tarball of petsc for our PyLith 
releases. Matt created a knepley/pylith branch that we now use with 
PyLith. I want to create a tarball analogous to the nightly tarball for 
the knepley/pylith branch for our upcoming PyLith release.

I found the builddist script in $PETSC_DIR/bin/maint but it seems to 
mess with my current repo (cleaning, etc) and wants to configure with 
matlab enabled. Should I make a clean clone for building the tarball? 
What is the recommended procedure for customizing the configure options 
in builddist (the cleaning removes any changes I make) so that I get a 
tarball but don't need extra packages like matlab and c2html?


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