[petsc-dev] Adding DMLocalToLocalBegin/End: What about PetscSF?

Richard Tran Mills rtm at eecs.utk.edu
Wed Jun 12 10:10:32 CDT 2013

PETSc developers,

I am finally getting around to adding the DMLocalToLocalBegin/End routines 
that I had mentioned several months ago.  Looking at 
DMGlobalToLocalBegin() in src/interface/dm/dm.c, I see that a little over 
a year ago, Matt added the use of a default 'PetscSF' ("star forest") if 
present to handle the global-to-local and local-to-global operations.  I 
am not familiar with PetscSF, but I assume that it should be possible to 
use these somehow (maybe needing to add a little bit of code) for 
local-to-local operations, since the communication pattern is the same as 
for a global-to-local.  Could someone who is familiar with PetscSF comment 
on this?


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