[petsc-dev] Uncrustify has fucked up my file

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 31 19:35:54 CST 2013

Hi Matt,

>         Why is it putting fucking whitespace in? I don't need this shit.
>     I don't know, it looks nicer to me. ;-)
> You think the moustache looks nice.

:-D I don't think the comparison is legit at this point...

> When did we start prescribing blank lines in the middle of source?

That is quite a regular thing to happen outside src/dm/*. Some code 
lines even have detailed comments in between them ;-)

> And
> lining
> up the variables with the pointer mark is crazy. If this is in the
> manual, I want
> a revote on that.

This essentially already *was* consistent throughout PETSc already, the 
exception being src/dm/*. It is, however, not written explicitly in the 
style guide (yet).

Best regards,

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