[petsc-dev] Nightly tests quick summary page

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jan 23 16:37:05 CST 2013

Dear PETScians,

I've adopted the HTML summary page script for the style checks a little 
in order to have a quick overview of the results of our nightly tests:
It doesn't do anything fancy, particularly no automatic bisection or the 
like, but it gives an overview of the Nightly results in seconds (which 
are not overly good at the moment...).

Assuming that there is no question about the need for improving our 
current automatic testing environment, it's merely a question of how far 
we want to go. Regarding overall productivity, I made good experiences 
with just using CTest and setting the summary page as the start page of 
my browser. It's not overly complicated an can be integrated with 
reasonable effort into our CMake build system.

We could also do all the fancy things provided by continuous integration 
systems. Sadly, I don't have any experience on that front. Regardless, I 
still prefer rather simple systems which are in daily use and fairly 
robust rather than a complex, 
it-can-do-anything-for-you-if-you-find-the-right-switch system that is 
never set up...

Any thoughts/experiences? I know Jed has good plans on a testing 
environment, so this is not meant to be an assault on him ;-)

Best regards,

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