[petsc-dev] New Year's renaming: DMComplex

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 1 08:36:12 CST 2013


> Can DMComplex also be used with real numbers?   ;-)
> Yes, still the most commonly-asked question, and not likely to be fixed
> by popularity. The new year sounds like a good excuse to fix this
> confusion. Possible suggestions to fight the confusion:
> * DMPlex - short and pronounceable

I prefer this name over the two others.

> * DMCC - "Cell Complex"
> * DMCW - from "CW Complex"
> Matt, can we choose something and do the batch rename soon (before
> petsc-3.4)? I'll make you an auto-generated deprecated compatibility
> header if you want that.
> I'm sick of needlessly confusing users.

Other suggestions:

* DMCellComplex - a bit lengthy, but expressive. Four additional letters

* DMCellSpace - a CW complex is a class of spaces, but a user usually 
refers to a particular space. It's only two more letters than DMComplex.

Furthermore, is 'DM' sufficiently expressive? I know that there is a 
whole family of DM*-functionality, but if we change the name of 
something as fundamental as DMComplex, then one can also think about 
adjusting the prefix as well (if required)...

Best regards and happy new year,

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