[petsc-dev] [Bitbucket] Commit 67125ba: metis/parmetis: update to metis-5.1.0/parmetis-4.0.3 (petsc/petsc)

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 28 10:19:35 CDT 2013

Hi Satish,

 >> This is some sort of 'race condition': The latest results from next
>> become available at about 9am, but it appears that some log files are
>> moved into the archive-folder already in the evening when the tests on
>> 'master' are run. Satish can give a better answer on what exactly is
>> executed when and how.
> (I think) Satish changed some redirects to make the links stable, but
> something about it didn't work at that time.  The links work now, but
> they're still not stable.

Following Jed's suggestion, can we upload the files directly into the 
respective folder under archive/ ? For example, rather than placing 
files first into
and then copying them to the archive the next day, can we place them 
directly into
and just provide an HTML-forward to that folder in
? See the attached Bash-script for generating the necessary file
for redirection.

Best regards,

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