[petsc-dev] CUDA 5.5 incompatible with cusp?

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Aug 26 03:31:30 CDT 2013

Hi Steve,

 >    Yeah the new CUDA 5.5 SDK ships with Thrust 1.6 I believe which 
> a few base files around. The development branch of CUSP resolves all these
> issues and a few others to compile without warnings. I postponed bumping
> for a while because of some stray warnings and compatibility issues but
> now that those are resolved I safely bump to version 0.4. If possible it
> would be reassuring if you could check that moving to development version
> resolves your issues.

Finally I can confirm that the dev-version of CUSP works fine with the 
CUDA 5.5 and PETSc. No changes to the build system are necessary. Thanks 
for the quick pointers.

Best regards,

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