[petsc-dev] CUDA 5.5 incompatible with cusp?

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 22 17:59:13 CDT 2013

Hi guys,

the current CUSP-based CUDA backend is facing hard times: The latest 
CUDA 5.5 SDK release ships with a new version of thrust, which has a 
different include hierarchy, causing CUSP to error out due to a missing 
thrust/detail/backend/cuda/arch.h (and possibly others)

For the 'standard' operations I'm not really worried, as we will have  a 
CUBLAS-based backend fairly soon. However, the sacusp preconditioner is 
pretty precious, I probably won't have the time to port this within the 
next few months...

Steve, do you know whether there are any plans for a new (updated) CUSP 

Best regards,

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