[petsc-dev] Adding Seq Dense MAGMA Mat

Harshad Sahasrabudhe hsahasra at purdue.edu
Tue Aug 20 13:35:30 CDT 2013


I am working on adding the Seq Dense MAGMA matrix type. For this, I have created the following files and directories:


Right now I am just trying the make LU factorization work through MAGMA. Barry had suggested looking at dense.c, as the MAGMA function for LU has the same sequence as the LAPACK function getrf. MAGMA does the memory allocation on the GPU inside it's function magma_?getrf. So can I directly use the matrix type declared in dense.c, and just define a function MatLUFactor_SeqDense_MAGMA magma.c which uses the same matrix type?

How will the user be able to access this function?


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