[petsc-dev] Error while building MAGMA from PETSc

Harshad Sahasrabudhe hsahasra at purdue.edu
Thu Aug 15 13:56:34 CDT 2013


Now MAGMA compiles correctly and libmagma.a is generated, however PETSc says

      Downloaded magma could not be used. Please check install in /home/harshad/workspace/petsc-hg/arch-linux2-c-debug

I am copying the generated library and include files to the install directory using

        includeDir = os.path.join(self.installDir, self.includedir)
        output,err,ret = PETSc.package.NewPackage.executeShellCommand('cd '+self.packageDir+' && mv -f lib/*.* '+libDir+'/. && cp -f include/*.* '+includeDir+'/.', timeout=2500, log = self.framework.log)

I need help in resolving this error.


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I'm trying the write the package compiler for MAGMA using PETSc build system. I'm getting the following error while building MAGMA. With the error, I'm also getting a couple hundred warnings: 

sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_sormqr_gpu_2stages(char, char, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, magma_int_t*)’: 
sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp:98: warning: unused variable ‘c_one’ 
sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp:107: warning: unused variable ‘lwkopt’ 
strsm_m.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_strsm_m(magma_int_t, char, char, char, char, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, float, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t)’: 
strsm_m.cpp:181: warning: unused variable ‘jj’ 
strsm_m.cpp:181: warning: unused variable ‘jjb’ 
sgeev.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_sgeev(char, char, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, float*, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, magma_int_t*)’: 
sgeev.cpp:126: warning: unused variable ‘c_n1’ 
nvcc fatal : redefinition of argument 'gpu-architecture' 

What is the easiest way to debug this kind of an error? 

1) Make the MAGMA build system print out the full compile line 

2) Make the MAGMA people clean up their sloppy code, which would eliminate the warnings 



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