[petsc-dev] Error while building MAGMA from PETSc

Harshad Sahasrabudhe hsahasra at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 14 17:23:34 CDT 2013


I'm trying the write the package compiler for MAGMA using PETSc build system. I'm getting the following error while building MAGMA. With the error, I'm also getting a couple hundred warnings: 

sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_sormqr_gpu_2stages(char, char, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, magma_int_t*)’: 
sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp:98: warning: unused variable ‘c_one’ 
sormqr_gpu_2stage.cpp:107: warning: unused variable ‘lwkopt’ 
strsm_m.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_strsm_m(magma_int_t, char, char, char, char, magma_int_t, magma_int_t, float, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t)’: 
strsm_m.cpp:181: warning: unused variable ‘jj’ 
strsm_m.cpp:181: warning: unused variable ‘jjb’ 
sgeev.cpp: In function ‘magma_int_t magma_sgeev(char, char, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, float*, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, float*, magma_int_t, magma_int_t*)’: 
sgeev.cpp:126: warning: unused variable ‘c_n1’ 
nvcc fatal : redefinition of argument 'gpu-architecture' 

What is the easiest way to debug this kind of an error? 


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