[petsc-dev] Enabling single precision for MUMPS and SUPERLU

Hong Zhang hzhang at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Sep 21 10:16:22 CDT 2012

Thanks for sending us the patch. Is this for petsc-3.3 or petsc-dev?
I'll test the patch first, then push to the repository.

Yesterday it was the first time I try to build a single-precision version
> of PETSc with some external packages.
> I noticed that SuperLU and MUMPS, which are currently fully compiled (i.e.
> with scalar types s,d,c and z) by the configure, cannot be used when
> requiring single precision at configure time. So I decided to wrote a patch
> to enable their use when PETSC_USE_REAL_SINGLE is defined.
> Attached please find a patch. Is there any reason for which you did not
> already provide this functionality?
No user has ever requested single precision for these external packages.

> I tested the patch on BlueGene/Q and it works for scalar types real.
> Currently, I don't have a complex version of PETSc installed. Can someone
> test it?
I'll test it.

> I also noticed that UMFPACK (which itself does not have support for single
> precision), is accepted by the configure by requiring
> --with-precision=single --download-umfpack=1. Is it normal? It breaks the
> final linking of the executables.
This might be a bug in petsc. I'll check it.

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