[petsc-dev] SNESLineSearchApply_BT logic divergence

Daniel Lowell redratio1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 11:03:12 CDT 2012

Hey Satish,

So I'm having an issue with this function:

*#define PetscObjectComposedDataGetReal
                           \**((((obj)->realcomposedstate &&
((obj)->realcomposedstate[id] == (obj)->state))?  \**(data =
(obj)->realcomposeddata[id],flag = PETSC_TRUE
: (flag = PETSC_FALSE

Called from VecNorm which is called from SNESLineSearchApply_BT

I have two examples running one is the vanilla ex14 using my GPU vector and
matrix type.  The other example is a variant of ex14test where I am
implementing GPU formfunction and formjacobian.
ex14 vanilla runs through correctly, however ex14test diverges in the logic
within VecNorm, specifically line 164:
   * Cached data?
  if (type!=NORM_1_AND_2) {
    ierr = PetscObjectComposedDataGetReal
    if (flg) PetscFunctionReturn(0);

The ex14 detects there is a "real" part, however the ex14test does not and
VecNorm returns.

"val" in VecNorm is PetscReal gnorm = fnorm defined in
For ex14:       val[0]=3.44e-317, val[1]: 0.580
For ex14test: val[0]=3.44e-317, val[1]: 0.029

This difference makes SNESLineSearchApply_BT branch into different
execution paths.

I'm not sure where the issue could have come from. Any ideas?

Daniel Lowell
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