[petsc-dev] switch petsc-dev to use --with-shared-libraries by default?

Aron Ahmadia aron.ahmadia at kaust.edu.sa
Fri Jun 1 13:18:59 CDT 2012

 I recall you were fighting with this recently. Did you figure out what was
> wrong?

The semantics for compiling/linking on BG/P with XL compilers is not
that hard.  All objects need to be compiled with the -qpic flag.
Shared libraries are built with the -qmkshrobj -qnostaticlink flags.
Final executables must be linked without the -qmkshrobj flag but with
the -qnostaticlink flag.  xlc also insists that all libraries linked
are .so, so trying to link in static library archives will confuse it
as well.

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