[petsc-dev] Integrating PFLOTRAN, PETSC & SAMRAI

Boyce Griffith griffith at cims.nyu.edu
Tue Jun 7 11:55:53 CDT 2011

On 6/7/11 12:47 PM, Bobby Philip wrote:
>> All I can tell you is that, many years ago, at least some of these calls
>> to PetscObjectStateIncrease() were needed in the Vec routines in order
>> to get PETSc solvers to work with the SAMRAI PETSc Vec class.  To try to
>> avoid the issues that Bobby is reporting, I went ahead and made any Vec
>> routine that could conceivably result in an invalidation of cached Vec
>> data call PetscObjectStateIncrease().  I probably went overboard and
>> call it unnecessarily in some places.
> I followed a very similar strategy.
>> I will work on systematically removing these calls and report any problems.
>> Besides nonlinear function evalutations, is it also necessary in
>> implementations of MatVecMult/MatVecMultAdd/etc?  Or should these also
>> be handled automatically by PETSc?
> Again, these exist on AMR grids as part of some the PFLOTRAN work - Boyce
> I can share if you are interested.

I have working code --- I was just trying to clarify what cache 
invalidation is supposed to be done by a Vec implementation, and what 
cache invalidation is supposed to be done by PETSc.

-- Boyce

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