[petsc-dev] Question: Regarding MatGetRowIJF90()

Bisht, Gautam bishtg at ornl.gov
Fri Jul 22 10:38:59 CDT 2011


I have a sparse MPI Matrix and am trying to access the values for a FORTRAN subroutine.

1 Create the matrix: MatCreateMPIAIJ( ...., A)
2 Get diagonal and off-diagonal data: Get the MatMPIAIJGetSeqAIJ (A, Ad, Ao, ...)
3 MatGetRowIJ( Ad, ... )
4 MatGetArray( Ad, ... )

This approach works.

But when I try to use MatGetRowIJF90( Ad, ... ), the code crashes (error related to F90Array1dCreate ). Any ideas why this could be happening?

I have seen that MatGetRowIJF90() works successfully on a matrix created by MatPartitioningSetAdjacency().

I would appreciate any input on this.


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