[petsc-dev] KSP convergence test based on error on residual

Mark F. Adams mark.adams at columbia.edu
Sun Jul 17 21:23:35 CDT 2011

On Jul 16, 2011, at 5:11 PM, Barry Smith wrote:

>   Jed,
>     I just remembered something I should have said when we talked about the rewrite of the KSPSPECEST stuff.
>     If one has the bound on the smallest eigenvalue of the (preconditioned) operator then ones convergence test can take that into account and know that the 2-norm of the error of the linear solver (as opposed to the 2 norm of the residual) is less than some

Humm, the only linear algebra proof that I know gives bounds on the error of the form

 | error |_2 <= Condition-number * | residual |_2, 

for SPD matrices of course.  This is pessimistic but I'm not sure how you could get a bound on error with only the lowest eigen value ...


> tolerance. Of course the KSPSPECEST can give us this information, even though Mark doesn't believe it is accurate enough :-), with enough iterations it can be. So ideally we'd have options that allowed convergence tests to use the estimate of the error norm instead of just the residual norm.
>    Barry

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