[petsc-dev] #!/usr/bin/env python2?

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Tue Oct 19 07:07:21 CDT 2010

I asked on #python and the overwhelming opinion was that python=python3 was
premature, so I'll just live with it.  Apparently the python2 link is far
from ubiquitous so it will be years before packages should expect python !=
python2.  Seems to me it just delays the pain and the python2 link should
have been required all along.  There will be a period where python2 does not
exist on platforms that need to be supported, but python=python3 is also
common.  Unfortunately, RHEL5 will be supported until 2014 and ships with
python-2.4, which may still be hard to support from a python3-compatible

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