[petsc-dev] additional changes to IS interface

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Oct 7 15:07:36 CDT 2010

   I have pushed what I hope are my last changes to IS for awhile. 

1)   ISCreateBlock() now takes the PetscCopyMode argument (like ISCreateGeneral()) allowing reuse of the index data without a copy 

2)   ISCreateBlock()), ISBlockSetIndices() and ISBlockGetIndices() now work with indices relative to the block rather than the individual entries, for example If you wish to index the values {0,1,4,5}, then use
   a block size of 2 and idx of {0,2}. (It previously was idx of {0,4}. So make sure you update any of your code that uses the Blocked indices. This was to make consistent with usage in Vec/MatSetValuesBlocked() etc and is (argued by some and I agreed) a more reasonable paradigm.

3) There now exists ISToGeneral() instead of only ISStrideToGeneral().

  Happy computing,


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