[petsc-dev] Need a new name for DMDAGetOwnershipRanges

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 29 16:04:42 CST 2010

On Nov 29, 2010, at 3:58 PM, Jed Brown wrote:

> Lisandro just pointed out that it does not return a range, which is indeed confusing.  Two options:
> 1. Keep the current interface but find a better name.  Low impact on users.
> 2. Keep the name, and make it return offset arrays of length m+1,n+1,p+1 (the closest analogy to Vec and mat OwnershipRanges).  Higher impact on users, would require revisiting a decent amount of code in DA, but probably not in a deep way.

   Since there is not something like VecGetOwnershipSizes() but only VecGetOwnershipRanges() I think keeping the name but changing the meaning is the correct approach. Changing the name means introducing a new concept that doesn't exist elsewhere and boy do I hate having tons of concepts in PETSc.

    Plus few sane people would use this routine so changing its meaning won't effect many end users.


> Jed

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