[petsc-dev] trouble building petsc4py-dev

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 15 15:56:47 CST 2010

  After manually removing petsc4py.PETSc.c in petsc4py-dev with petsc-dev I get 

src/PETSc.c:3:28: error: petsc4py.PETSc.c: No such file or directory
cythonizing 'src/petsc4py.PETSc.pyx' source

Error converting Pyrex file to C:
        if o != NULL:
            CHKERR( PetscObjectReference(o) )
        obj.obj[0] = o
        return obj

    def __deepcopy__(self, dict memo not None):

/Users/barrysmith/Src/petsc-dev/externalpackages/petsc4py/src/PETSc/Object.pyx:34:4: Only extension type arguments can have 'not None'
make[1]: *** [petsc4py] Error 1

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