[petsc-dev] Problem with latest "petsc-dev" change

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Nov 3 15:12:25 CDT 2010

On Wed, 3 Nov 2010, Carl Ponder wrote:

> *On 11/03/2010 01:33 PM, Satish Balay wrote:*
> >     for http there is no '$USER:$PASSWORD@' in the URL [I guess its just
> > ignored - so it works..]
> >     I pushed a fix now.. You can pull and retry [after 'hg revert configure'
> > - to remove your local changes]
> Satish -- thanks -- it works now.
> Is thepetsc-dev stable enough to update on-the-fly like this, 

Well - petsc-dev is always in flux. If things are broken - and we see
it [or someone points it out] - we try to fix it up as soon as

> or do you have release versions we should we be using?

There is petsc-3.1 release - but if you need petsc-dev for pflotran -
then I guess thats what you would have to use

You can always sync with petsc-dev in lockstep with Bobby - if thats what
you are doing.

i.e [each time you resync with Bobby] get the changest number for
petsc-dev and BuildSystem clones Bobby is using:
hg tip; hg tip config/BuildSystem

now use these rev numbers to update your petsc-dev
hg pull -u -r 'rev-petsc'
cd config/BuildSystem; hg pull -r 'rev-buildsystem'


>     -- Carl Ponder
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