[petsc-dev] PLAPACK problems

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Mar 17 11:30:34 CDT 2010

    Some of the PETSc examples are crashing under some circumstances  
(like with complex) using PLAPACK and valgrind is showing  
uninitialized variables etc in PLAPACK code. I don't want to debug  
PLAPACK code, so will let it go for this release.

   BUT, is there something else we can move to for petsc-dev in the  
future. Should we throw away the use of PLAPACK and use FLAMELIB?  
Should we switch to ScaLAPACK (just kidding?). I hate to bag dense  
parallell matrices from PETSc completely but don't want to spend a lot  
of time on whatever we do support.


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