[petsc-dev] CFLAGS / LDFLAGS and cxx error

Wesley Smith wesley.hoke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 12:29:32 CDT 2010

> "-arch i386" is not a gcc option, try -march=i386 (or
> e.g. -march=pentium4).

It is on OSX.  From the man page:

Overall Options
           -c  -S  -E  -o file  -combine -pipe  -pass-exit-codes -ObjC
(APPLE ONLY) -ObjC++ (APPLE ONLY) -arch arch (APPLE ONLY) -Xarch_arch
option (APPLE
           ONLY) -fsave-repository=file -x language  -v  -###  --help
--target-help  --version @file


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