[petsc-dev] MatCompress() gone. Ok, but why?

Toby D. Young tyoung at ippt.gov.pl
Fri Jan 8 05:27:18 CST 2010

Dear petsc-dev,

Where has the MatCompress() functionality gone to in petsc-dev?
Is there a replacement function? or is MatCompress defunct now?

I found that he was removed completely here (and fair enough):
changeset:   13608:4724a9ef7c2d
user:        Matt Knepley <knepley at mcs.anl.gov>
date:        Thu Apr 30 08:33:28 2009 -0500

Actually this is likely to be only one example of problems I
will encounter when trying to keep up with petsc-dev; though I
obviously I do not intend on asking about every last detail   ;-)

Is there any way to get *explanations* of changes like this from
petsc-dev? hg log does not really seem to contain any brief details of
why things like this are happening...



Toby D. Young
Assitant Professor (Adiunkt)
Polish Academy of Sciences
Warszawa, Polska

www:   http://www.ippt.gov.pl/~tyoung
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