[petsc-dev] define in petscconf PETSc is a development version?

Toby D. Young tyoung at ippt.gov.pl
Thu Jan 7 10:01:09 CST 2010

> In petscversion.h there is PETSC_VERSION_RELEASE, which is 1 (release)
> or 0 (development).

Thank you Jose... so the solution exists already. Many thanks. I
deliberately overlooked this because:

The weird thing: my petsc-dev says PETSC_VERSION_RELEASE = 1, and it is
not! Same goes for SLEPC_VERSION_RELEASE = 1, and it is not, it is the
development version for sure and these should equal zero (as you say)...
Why do my developments say they are releases?

Have I missed something here? A pull of petsc-dev and update of slepc-dev
changes nothing (and deleting petscversion.h, pulling again, breaks the
compilation completely). So anyways I have to rebuild from scratch   :-)



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