[petsc-dev] DMMG without libpetscsnes?

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 7 09:12:16 CST 2010

   Let's get this dang PETSc release out the door and then fix up the  
solvers by properly merging DMMG into KSP and SNES


On Jan 7, 2010, at 8:34 AM, Barry Smith wrote:

>  DMMG used to be split up (as you note from the stale comment). I  
> ended up merging them because it wasn't worth the effort and  
> complication to keep them in two parts.
>  I would not like to see them split up again. Rather I would like to  
> see the linear part of DMMG put into KSP/PC/DMMG somehow (not  
> exactly sure how) so it can be properly nested and composed just  
> like other preconditioners. I'm sure you are doing something  
> slightly cumbersome now to put your DMMG inside the Schur  
> fieldsplit. For linear DMMG I think the design is all wrong as it is  
> now.
>   Here is how I see it: DMMG's job is to "fill up" the appropriate  
> fields in the KSP, PC, MG objects, then when solving those fields  
> are used. I would like (somehow) the KSP, PC, MG objects to have the  
> mechanism that you can provide a DM to them and they can then "fill  
> up" their fields. But it is important we get this right and  
> compossible so I have hesitated to ever try it. The starting point  
> might be having an (optional) KSPSetDM() that would propagate the DM  
> into the PC and subPCs and subsubPCs etc where they would be used to  
> fill the slots if provided.
>  Going to the basic design motto of PETSc, "only a single way to do  
> each action", it is obvious that DMMG is totally wrong since there  
> is a KSPSolve() and a DMMGSolve()! Someday I want this fixed.
>   Barry
> On Jan 7, 2010, at 7:13 AM, Jed Brown wrote:
>> I'm using a DMMG inside of a Schur fieldsplit, but I have to create  
>> it
>> before PCSetUp because the hierarchy is generated by refinement.  It
>> doesn't make sense to call DMMGSetKSP before PCSetUp because that  
>> matrix
>> would be worthless, but I want to be able to view the DMMG even if  
>> only
>> to inspect the hierarchy.  While putting in a check for NULL snes in
>> DMMGView, I noticed these lines in damg.c
>>     /* use of PetscObjectView() means we do not have to link with  
>> libpetscsnes if SNES is not being used */
>>     ierr = PetscObjectView((PetscObject)dmmg[nlevels-1]- 
>> >snes,viewer);CHKERRQ(ierr);
>> This appears to be stale because damg.c *is* part of libpetscsnes.   
>> In
>> fact, all of damg.c can be moved to ksp/ksp/utils after
>> damgsnes.c)
>> currently has a real dependency on SNES due to SNESGetKSP's special
>> treatment of DMComposite+PCFieldSplit.
>> Is there value in having DMMG usable in the absence of libpetscsnes
>> (i.e. DMMGSetUp's dependency on SNES will be broken)?
>> Jed

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